DALLAS ISD - ORG 195 Preston Hollow ES

This project includes renovations of existing Preston Hollow Elementary school for Dallas ISD.


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Prebid Date12/15/22 2:30pm

Bid Date1/24/23 2:00pm

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Dallas ISD Procurement Services  


Dallas, Texas

All digital files included with purchase of complete printed set via file transfer. Specs seperated by section and plans by sheet names.

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1. Provide infrastructure for the following systems: security updates including cameras, card access,
readers, and door contacts.
2. Renovate entry corridor and classroom space to create secured vestibule at main entrance. This
includes demo of existing walls, patch and repair existing VCT flooring at wall removal areas. New
finishes, new interior storefront doors and windows, infrastructure for security items & hardware, new casework.
3. Roof cleaning, replacement as needed per infrared scan data, and roof recovery at all modified bitumen roof locations. Clean all masonry, repoint, and repair damaged brick areas. New control and expansion joints at roof and exterior masonry throughout school. Clear existing storm lines throughout the site. New drainage/roof system to include new roof accessories, new gutters, new downspouts, new collector boxes, new roof access hatches (new locations), new storm lines at courtyards, re-grade, and re-landscape at areas disturbed by new storm line installation, new downspout boots, new roof walk pads, remove and replace existing stone coping, new flashing, new metal parapet caps at select locations. The courtyards are enclosed with access only by standard single door opening, so equipment for this condition should be considered.
4. Replace all exterior waterproofing/sealant joints at masonry and windows.
5. Replace fire alarm system.
6. Provide exterior lighting controls for new exterior wall packs.
7. Replace existing exterior lights with new LED wall pack lighting.
8. Replace intercom/paging system.
9. Replace air conditioning system at IDF room.
10. Rekey exterior doors according to District “grand master” keying system.
11. Re-paint walls, doors, door & transom frames, handrails in all corridors; repaint all classroom & administration area walls; repaint kitchen ceiling. Some existing murals are to remain, refer to finish floor plan for locations. New hardware at select doors and new doors and hardware at select doors, refer to door schedule for specific locations.
12. Remove and replace ceiling with new acoustical lay-in ceiling tile and grid throughout corridors of the facility.
13. Replace exterior wood doors and frames with new insulated storefront and insulated hollow metal doors, all with new hardware, refer to door schedule for specific locations of door types. New storefront transom windows to be provided where existing transom windows are present. All exterior doors and transom windows being replaced shall be
replaced in similar aesthetic to existing exterior doors.
14. Prep. & repaint all lintels, canopy soffits, and all trim at the exterior of the building.
15. Replace existing sloped roofs with new shingle roof system (including new installation).
Provide new gutters and downspouts. Provide new cupolas. Repair & replace features as needed at North entry covering. All items are to be replaced in the style, aesthetic, and material to match similar areas that are in good condition. Prep. And repaint North entry covering feature.
16. Sidewalks to be re-done to comply with ADA standards. New concrete paving at the parking lot at the areas required to meet ADA standards.
17. Provide new lighting controls. Light switches to be replaced in corridors only with dimming and some scene controls; daylighting where required by IECC; provide dual tech mounted sensors: sensor switches allowed for rooms <40SF; system to be capable of integration into energy management control system in the future vi BACnet/IP; room controller above the ceiling and a network controller that can be programmed via PC.
18. Replace interior lights with ne LED fixtures at corridors.
19. Remove and replace existing steam boiler system with new hydronic system. Replace existing chilled water pumps, AHUs, RTUs, new ductwork at AHU’s, DDC controls for new equipment, new HVAC electrical panels. Abatement at existing steam boiler system to be coordinated with demo of existing boiler system.

Total Estimated Construction Budget (CCL + Allowances) for CSP# CS 206819 $ 5,823,708.00

A pre-proposal meeting will be held at 2:30 PM on Thursday, December 15, 2022 at Preston Hollow ES
(6423 Walnut Hill Ln, Dallas, TX 75230) for all interested parties. This meeting is not mandatory, but information discussed will be extremely helpful in preparation of the proposal.

All Construction Services construction procurements must be physically delivered to the Construction Services office, at the Linus D. Wright Dallas ISD Administration Building 9400 North Central Expressway, Suite 800 Dallas,
TX 75231. (Call 972.925.7200 for directions). Delivery to other locations will result in rejection of a CSP.

Completed CSP Package Part 1-A, 1-B and 1-C are due on Tuesday, January 24, 2023 at 02:00 PM
(local time).

Completed CSP Package Part 2 is due on Wednesday, January 25, 2023 at 03:00 PM (local time).

Dallas ISD Procurement Services c/o Bond/Construction Services
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